Crime Scene Cleaners Ogden

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to a tragedy, such as a suicide or homicide, it’s important to rely on people that have your best interests at heart. Crime Scene Cleaners is locally owned and operated in Ogden and provides discretion, as well as sensitivity for those experiencing tragedies beyond their control. Our dedication to providing effective, as well as efficient services, has made us one of the most trusted crime scene cleaners in Utah.  In addition to being state certified, we keep our customers and their needs at the forefront of our company—we want to be part of the supportive local community that exists in beautiful Ogden.

State Certified

Utah has a series of regulations in addition to the standards set by IICRC that crime scene cleaning companies need to meet in order to operate. Biohazard waste must be correctly disposed of and all the containers need to be labeled clearly. Additionally, their vehicles must be stocked with proper disposal kits and materials. Toxic waste must be stored in the correct place and at the right temperature, and should be disposed of within a certain time frame. Once undergoing training, records of that training need to be kept on file for a minimum of three years.  Our company places a special emphasis on training employees that not only know how to follow the motions but provide extraordinary customer support.

Our Commitment

When it comes to crime scene cleanup in Ogden, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s impossible to predict when an event like this can occur, so we are always on call to be there when you need us. We ensure discretion for our clients, and will show up in an unmarked van. Our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and we won’t leave until the job is done up to your standards. We understand the unpleasant nature that typically requires our services, and we will do our utmost to help you in whatever way you need.


As the name suggests, we specialize in cleaning up after crimes, including homicides and assaults. Additionally, we are also available to assist with tragedies such as suicide or unattended deaths. Our professionals will ensure that all bio-hazard and bodily fluids are cleared from the space. All of our chemicals fit within environmental regulations, ensuring that they won’t be leaving any dangerous residue behind. It’s not commonly known that police and forensics will leave the scene for the families to deal with; they may or may not direct you to companies like ours.  This can be an emotionally trying time, and one that no family should have to deal with. That is where we come into play.

In addition to crime scene cleanup, we place a heavy emphasis on eradicating dangerous chemicals from homes throughout Utah. Many homes and vehicles along the Wasatch front are contaminated from meth exposure result from use or manufacturing. We test and eradicate by removing and disposing porous materials. The home and ventilation system then undergo an extensive decontamination process. We file for all permits and coordinate the entire process with the local health department. Buildings that have been infested with rodents can often carry the Hantavirus. We can eradicate the virus utilizing HazMat vacuums, cleaners and suits. Homes that have lingering odors and unappealing smells can also be erased through the proper chemical treatments.

Homes can often be the victims of excessive damage and neglect. If a space has been left to essentially rot for a time, there might be hidden dangers and contamination. In cases such as these, we can come and remove furniture and debris and restore the home to a functional, as well as a safe space.

If you’re looking to restore a damaged home, or fear your home might be contaminated with some kind of virus or chemical, contact our experts today for a free consultation. We’ve helped to restore homes across Ogden, as well as the surrounding Utah areas, all the way from Logan to St. George.