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Why Choose Us?

Crime Scene Cleanup is an incredible niche industry; it requires a high level of sensitivity and experience. Crime Scene Cleaners has been locally owned and operated in Salt Lake since 1996. Our professionals understand the delicacy that is needed when handling the kinds of situations in our expertise. Typically, these incidents result in the loss of a loved one, making it a situation that requires a high degree of sensitivity. Hiring professional cleaners will allow families to grieve without having the reminder of what happened to remain in their homes. We offer quick and efficient cleaning services throughout Utah, allowing families and friends to move forward in the face of tragedy.

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Additionally, we are state certified and comply with industry standards set by the IICRC as well as environmental and local disposal regulations, ensuring that your home or business is cleaned effectively. If you are in need of experienced cleaners, contact us today for a free consultation. Utah has a strong community, one filled with compassionate and generous families. We are proud to hold such ties to a strong populace and want to help in our own way.

Our Commitment to You

In what is an inevitably painful and difficult experience for you, it shouldn’t be your responsibility to clean up the aftermath. Whether your home has been affected by meth use, suicide, homicide, or been excessively damaged, we can help. We ensure discretion for our clients and will show up in an unmarked van. Our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and we won’t leave until the job is done up to your standards. With decades of experience, located out of Salt Lake City, Utah, we keep our local’s best interests at heart. We want to ensure that our clients receive sensitive and discretionary services. No matter what time of day, we are always available to meet your needs.

State Certified

Utah has a variety of certification requirements that we meet, and our experience is unmatched. We are one of the oldest companies in our industry and the largest in the state of Utah. We keep disposal kits and materials well-stocked in our vans, all with the proper labeling for bio-hazardous material. We are equipped to store toxic waste, and know how to dispose of it within the proper time frame. Perhaps the most important requirement is the comprehensive training of employees. In addition to training them in the process, we also assist them in discretion and sensitivity. This helps when they come into your home or business; it makes it less intrusive.


Located out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding areas, we specialize in a wide array of cleaning treatments, as well as preventative measures for your home and business.

In the case of extreme tragedy, including homicide or suicide, our specialists can come and clean the space, removing any biohazardous waste or bodily fluids. This is necessary to provide families with peace of mind. Police and forensics won’t do anything with the scene once they’ve finished—they’ll recommend you to companies like ours. We take your loss and grief extremely seriously and will do our best to allow you to move forward.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon to end up in a home that has been contaminated by meth use or production. We can test to see if there is meth contamination and utilize HazMat techniques to eradicate it from the premises. This is quite in-depth, and typically requires carpet removal, duct cleaning, and removal of porous materials and thorough decontamination of all surfaces to remain in the property or vehicle. Additionally, homes that have been excessively neglected or destroyed can be taken care of by our experts.


A major concern for homes that have had rat infestations is the Hantavirus. We are able to treat and eradicate it using HazMat techniques. Older homes have the potential to be painted with lead paint. Our specialists can test and then clear the lead paint out, allowing for a fresh start to a historic home.

If you’re looking to restore your home or test for chemical contamination, contact us for a free consultation. Our experts will provide you with the best insight into how extensive the damage is, and give you the best price. If your home has been the scene for a traumatic event, such as homicide or suicide, we can come in to clean up and remove unnecessary physical pain. Additionally, we offer discretion and sensitivity. For more information about our services in Salt Lake City, as well as the surrounding areas in Utah, give us a call today.