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Meth Testing & Clean-Up
Bio-Hazard Clean-Up
Trauma Scene Cleaning & Disposal
Distressed Property/Rehabilitation
Odor Abatement
Hantavirus Prevention
Mold Spore Remediation
Vehicle/Squad Car Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleaners Is Available 24/7

We have the experience and equipment to restore properties to their previous condition.

We provide cleaning and disposal services for just about any type of distressed property situation, including:

Home Disinfection/Sanitation – With the spread of Covid-19, the CDC has encouraged the disinfection of surfaces and common household areas. We offer in-home disinfection services.

Meth Testing – A test can identify if a property has been contaminated by methamphetamine through use or cooking.

Meth Cleanup – Cleaning and restoration of property contaminated by meth. This includes active meth labs and their property with a positive meth test, even if no meth is present.

Biohazard Cleanup – The cleaning and restoration of any scene where bodily fluids or other biohazards are present. This includes bloodborne pathogen control (HIV, Hepatitis, and other deadly diseases, viruses, and bacteria) in compliance with the Medical Waste Management Act.

Trauma Scene Cleaning & Disposal – In addition to removing bodily fluids, we will clean, remove or dispose of all contaminated furnishings, carpeting, building materials, and equipment.

Lead Paint Testing – We can test your home for any lead paint residue and remedy the potential health risks stemming from a positive result.

Distressed Property/Rehabilitation – This includes trashed and damaged property, hoarding houses, and weather damage.

Odor Abatement – We specialize in treating odors with the appropriate chemicals and equipment to assure that they are eliminated at the source.

Hantavirus Prevention – The aftereffects of a rodent infestation can bring potentially lethal exposure to the Hantavirus. We remove all remnants of the infestation and dispose of the material as mandated by state and federal regulations.

Mold Spore Remediation – We clean, treat and remove property contaminated by mold and work to restore it to its previous condition.

Vehicle/Squad Car Cleanup – The cleaning and restoration of vehicles contaminated by blood and other biohazard materials.
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